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Design Guides

Fortunately, it is not necessary to make use of our engineering team to take advantage of our engineering expertise. Our engineering team has applied their years of industry experience to develop design resource documentation for each of our product lines. By sharing their knowledge and experience in these easy-to-use guides, our engineers empower your team to undertake the specification process independently of the manufacturing process. Details about coatings, tolerances, installation and assembly, and the unique design considerations for each product line are concisely presented. Each guide includes all of the critical cable and cable assembly information to assist your team in the specification of your cabling project.

Design Guide

Motion Control Cables Design Guide

There are many common, everyday applications that use efficient and reliable Cablecraft controls. These applications include automotive seat releases, lawn mower throttle controls, and airplane seat back controls. Some uses of controls are obvious and visible, while others are not. Simple and lightweight controls for dependable…

Design Guide

Cycle-Flex™ Design Guide

The Cablecraft “Cycle-Flex™ Design Guide” is a comprehensive reference of design considerations for the specification of Cycle-Flex miniature cables. Some of the topics covered in this Guide include:

  • What is Cycle-Flex™ cable
  • How stretch and breaking strength should be considered during the design phase
  • How Cycle-Flex’s strength requirements differ from general …

Design Guide

Safety & Restraint Design Guide

The Cablecraft “General Applications / Safety & Restraint Design Guide” is a comprehensive reference of design considerations for the specification of general use cables and cable assemblies. Some of the topics covered in this Guide include:

  • How wire rope and cables are fabricated
  • How stretch and breakage should be considered …

White Papers

Our team has compiled years of engineering expertise into a series of white papers designed to serve your needs. These comprehensive guides provide you with invaluable insights and information necessary to make informed decisions when planning for your next cable project.

Case Studies

Our customers have relied on our superior engineering, guaranteed product quality, complete reliability and excellent customer service for their critical applications. Read our case studies to explore examples of those applications.

Advanced Marine Propulsion Cable Solution for a Global Marine System Leader

Company Type:

Marine Propulsion System Manufacturer


Marine Recreational


Fond du Lac, Wisconsin


Control cables of various lengths, Push and Pull

Products Used:

Patented Marine Propulsion Cable System

Robust Shift Cable Solution for a Power Sports Vehicle Manufacturer

Company Type:

Power Sports Manufacturer


Power Sports


Medina, Minnesota


Control cables of various lengths

Products Used:

Forcemax (Performax® Strength Series)


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