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Cablecraft is your one-stop shop for all remote actuation needs and applications. Our engineering expertise and problem-solving mentality contribute to our reliable, cost-effective solutions for the remote actuation of latches, locking gas springs, brakes and transmissions. We also offer a line of throttle heavy-duty and medium-duty foot controls.

From seat releases to shifting and throttle for heavy truck, marine, utility vehicles and agriculture / construction, our motion control cables combined with our other motion control products are used in a wide array of industries. We can provide standard, off-the-shelf products or work with you to custom design solutions that meet your unique specifications so whatever your motion control requirement, we have the solution.


Actuation Systems

Cablecraft’s Actuation Systems utilize a wide range of standard controls. Used with our custom levers, handles and push buttons, they are engineered and manufactured to specifications suitable for every application and functional requirement.

Hand Controls

We manufacture a wide selection of mechanical levers and hand control assemblies including miniature levers, and industrial joysticks. From light-duty to heavy-duty, we have a hand control that will meet your push-pull or pull-only needs. All hand controls by Cablecraft Motion Controls come in non-corrosive materials.
Foot Controls

Foot Controls

Our foot control assemblies are engineered for efficiency and dependability and complement our wide range of control cables. Standard throttle, clutch, and brake pedals are available in various configurations.
Horizontal Gear Shifter 923-Series

Manual Transmission Assemblies

The Manual Transmission Shifter (MTS) system is an easy-to-operate and maintenance-free approach to remote manual transmission shifting. This system is based on the performance of Cabelcraft low friction motion control cables and makes remote shifting easier for the operator, while simplifying assembly for the vehicle builder.

Engineering Resources & Design Guides

Our engineering team has applied their years of industry experience to develop resource documentation for each of our product lines.

Cable Assembly Network

Our Worldwide Cable Assembler Network can help you with your mechanical motion control solutions.

Online Catalog

Don’t need a custom design? Download our digital catalog to see all of our available cable and linkage assemblies.