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Manual Transmission Assemblies

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Manual Transmission Assemblies

Horizontal Gear Shifter 923-Series

The Manual Transmission Shifter (MTS) system is an easy-to-operate and maintenance-free approach to remote manual transmission cable shifting. This system is based on the performance of Cabelcraft low friction motion control cables and makes remote shifting easier for the operator while simplifying assembly for the vehicle builder.

The MTS is ideal for cab-over-engine and rear-engine buses but can be used in other applications like off-highway/heavy equipment and in specialty vehicles.


Horizontal Gear Shifter

This reliable shift system replaces the cumbersome and maintenance-prone rod linkages commonly used in cab-over and rear engine bus systems, making remote shifting easier for both the vehicle builder and the operator. They are easily installed and maintenance-free. Vibration from the drive train is not transmitted resulting in enhanced operator usage and reduced cab noise levels.

Two versions of the Horizontal Gear Shifter are offered, the 923 Series Horizontal Gear Shifter is floor mounted and the 925 Series Horizontal Gear Shifter is center console-mounted. Both the 923 Series and the 925 Series are designed for medium to heavy duty applications.

Vertical Gear Shifter

Based on the proven quality and performance of Cablecraft low friction motion control cables, our manual transmission cable shifter system provides a maintenance-free, cost-effective solution that makes remote shifting easier.

The 918 Series Vertical Gear Shifter is easily installed in either the dash or center console and is designed for low to medium duty applications. It is a great choice for bus, light plant and agricultural vehicles.

Manual Transmission Shifter Cab Units

This lower unit works with any of our Gear Shifters to deliver a maintenance-free shifting system. Installation is easy and replaces rod linkages typically used in cab-over and engine bus systems. The Cablecraft Manual Transmission Assemblies ends gear jump out and provides a smooth, quiet operator experience.