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Hand Controls

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Hand Controls

Unidrum Lever Hand Control

We manufacture a wide selection of mechanical levers and hand control assemblies including miniature levers, and industrial joysticks. From light-duty to heavy-duty, we have a hand control that will meet your push-pull or pull-pull only needs. All hand controls valves come in non-corrosive materials.


Brake Levers

Cablecraft park brake levers offer superior performance, quality and service life to both the designer and user. They offer two distinct lever positions – over center and off which are 900 apart. No ratcheting to limit travel or secondary unlocking is required for operation and they are adaptable with side or flange mount configurations. Capable of loads up to 1,000 lbs. and with a travel range of 2-7/16” (maximum), these levers deliver unmatched performance.

Leverstack Push-Pull or Pull-Pull Control

The Leverstack hand control is designed specifically for the agricultural equipment market. One of its major uses is the operating of tractor automatic pick-up hitch systems. The Leverstack offers a high lever to cable movement ratio of 1200, producing a 1.7” cable travel (maximum). Two versions are available, a spring return model which returns the lever to center or a detent model which hold the lever in a predetermined position.

Light Duty Lever Push-Pull or Pull-Pull Control

Out light-duty industrial hand control lever offers a 4.5 to 1 mechanical advantage. This weather-proof lever, made of cast alloy, is available in various travel lengths and with inserts for custom detent locations.

Unidrum Push-Pull or Pull-Pull Control

The Unidrum hand control lever is designed for throttle applications on commercial and industrial vehicles as well as many other applications. It is compact and efficient with a mechanical advantage of 5 to 1. There is a self-locking nut for friction adjustment and the lever is adjustable in 600 increments to provide an optimum operating range.

Custom Push-Pull Hand Controls

Available to meet a variety of needs, these levers and joysticks can be used with push-pull motion control cables for many applications including truck mixer, remote valve actuation, and drive engagement. Available in single-axis and multi-axis joysticks and levers.