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By Cablecraft


As a full line manufacturer of Engineered Motion Control CablesLinkages and Actuation products, Cablecraft is well equipped to serve diverse industries.  Our customers’ have come to rely on our expertise and knowledge to provide innovative engineering solutions, outstanding customer service and quality products.

Cablecraft Engineered Motion Controls

We are a major OEM global supplier of motion control products, and we partner with the world’s largest brands. Our products include Motion Control Cables (pull-pull, push-pull), Foot and Hand Controls, Safety/Restraint Cables, Miniature Cable Assemblies, Rod Ends and Ball Joints.

At Cablecraft, our experienced Design Engineers work with you to develop the right system and product for your application. We will partner with you to integrate our products into your design whether it is a cable, linkage, control or system, our experts become a part of your team. And, as a IATF16949, ISO9001 certified company, you can count on our quality to meet and exceed all specifications.


Light Vehicle

Cablecraft has provided the world’s largest light vehicle OEM’s from almost our inception. And we partner with sub-suppliers providing the same engineering support, quality products and on-time performance the OEM’s have come to rely upon.

Heavy Truck

We provide a wide range of standard and custom heavy truck cables and linkages designed to your system requirements and as an IATF16949 and ISO9001 certified organization, you can be assured we put quality first in all that we do.
Power Sport Industry Throttle Cable Makers

Power Sports

Cablecraft is a leading supplier of Engineered Motion Control products to the Power Sports and Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) industry. Our engineering team will work with you to design the right solution for any throttle, shift, clutch, brake, idle, tailgate, latch release or seat adjustment need you have.
Marine Ship Cable Suppliers Boat


Cablecraft has built a reputation on quality, performance and innovation. Our engineering team will design the right solution for any of your motion control applications whether it’s control cables, linkages or actuation products, we will make your concept a reality.
Aircraft Cable Assemblies Aerospace


Working directly with OEM aircraft manufacturers and tier one integrators, Cablecraft’s engineering team has provided solutions for flight controls, seat releases, in-service equipment and countless other products which meet or exceed all quality standards and performance specifications.
Construction/Agriculture Cables

Construction/ Agriculture

Cablecraft Motion Controls has been a leader in the mechanical motion control market for the Construction and Agriculture industry for over 100 years by engineering solutions for linkages and cables that controlled anything from steering, throttle, or transmissions.
Engine Control Cable

Engine Controls

Cablecraft Motion Controls has been a leader in mechanical motion controls and engine control cables to the Turbo and EGR industries for the past 20 years by using our proprietary high temp linkage systems. We developed a method to provide bridges in motion control devices to make that input control possible.
General Applications Control Cable Company

General Applications

Cablecraft has assisted countless organizations across a wide spectrum of industries to incorporate our engineered motion controls into their designs. Our engineering team will function as an extension of your team to provide a customized solution for a robust motion control product with peak operating efficiency and durability.

Engineering Resources & Design Guides

Our engineering team has applied their years of industry experience to develop resource documentation for each of our product lines.

Cable Assembly Network

Our Worldwide Cable Assembler Network can help you with your mechanical motion control solutions.

Online Catalog

Don’t need a custom design? Download our digital catalog to see all of our available cable and linkage assemblies.