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Control Cables


Control Cables

When performance matters, choose Cablecraft motion control cables. At Cablecraft, we always begin by engineering solutions, not just products, making us a trusted partner rather than simply a supplier to our customers.

Our experienced and knowledgeable application design engineers and manufacturing experts work together with your technical and operations teams to solve your motion control challenges. We can help you pick standard or customized motion control cables or develop a completely new design that fits your application perfectly.

Below you’ll find our primary motion control cables product categories. Reach out to us today to request a quote.

Control Cables

Performax Push Pull Control Cable Blue Max


The Performax® line of push-pull and pull-pull control cable solutions are designed with application driven performance in mind. You can be assured your Performax® control cable will perform for years to come.

Push-Pull Cables

Solid core controls are used in applications requiring the transmission of forces in both the push and pull mode of operation. The vast majority of these products use various combinations of conduit styles and solid wire cores in their construction.
Pull-Pull Throttle Cable Distributor

Pull-Pull Cables

Cablecraft’s wide variety of core wire, conduit, conduit fittings, clamps and accessories offer many design options for the creation of custom cable control assemblies.
Safety and Restraint

Safety & Restraint

Our safety and restraint cable assemblies are used across all industries where safety is a critical component of the design or when a flexible restraint system is required. Applications include items like seat to frame, tailgate, load restraint, glove box door, hood check and more.
CycleFlex Miniature


Cablecraft offers miniature mechanical cable assemblies, including both standard and custom engineered products, through our line of Cycle-Flex assemblies. Cycle-Flex is a miniature, concentrically-stranded stainless steel mechanical cable.

Engineering Resources & Design Guides

Our engineering team has applied their years of industry experience to develop resource documentation for each of our product lines.

Cable Assembly Network

Our Worldwide Cable Assembler Network can help you with your mechanical motion control solutions.

Online Catalog

Don’t need a custom design? Download our digital catalog to see all of our available cable and linkage assemblies.