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Actuation Systems

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Actuation Systems

Cablecraft’s Actuation Systems utilize a wide range of standard controls. Used with our custom levers, handles and push buttons, they are engineered and manufactured to specifications suitable for every application that requires the ability to move, adjust or release remotely.

These systems are a lightweight and cost-effective means to remotely operate any latch, release, locking gas spring, throttle, choke, PTO or vent control. Cablecraft’s Engineering Department will assist you in the specification of a system using standard or custom components to solve any remote actuation challenges.

Our wide variety of controls includes levers, push buttons and pull handles as well as locking and fine adjustment controls which offer many user-friendly features including ease of installation. And for locking gas spring applications, we offer a line of control heads which fit many popular gas springs on the market today.

All controls are designed to be assembled to function with Cablecraft’s motion control cable assemblies. Standard fittings are specified to ensure easy and reliable installation and performance.


Light Duty Control Levers

Our pull-pull light duty levers are custom molded controls for a variety of applications including latch release, height adjustment, seating, office furniture and durable medical equipment. We offer several different styles to choose from depending on the mounting geometry and travel required. We also offer a tube mount lever for light duty brake controls.

Push-Button Controls

The Cablecraft push-button controls are an excellent choice when actuation space is limited. Offered in two sizes, these controls will fit a multitude of applications, from seat release/recline to remote door latching to motion furniture.

Micro-Adjust Controls

Micro-Adjust controls are ideal for remote operation of a throttle, regulating valve, or other applications needing precise adjustment capabilities. To make course adjustments, push and pull the knob and for more precise adjustment the knob rotates clockwise or counterclockwise for a total of 1” travel.

Locking Control

Twist Lock T-Handle is a robust and simple design with only one moving part. They are cost effective solutions to mechanically connecting and locking a manual input source to a remote output.

Non-Locking Controls

These panel or bracket mounted control heads are available with either a T-Handle or knob and are cost effective solutions to mechanically connecting a manual input source to a remote output.

Vent Control

This industrial vent control is a cost-effective solution to convert a light manual rotary motion into a push-pull motion, especially when space is limited. The vent control offers a 1.5” maximum travel with a 2700 rotation.

Control Heads

Designed to work with a variety of popular locking gas springs, our control heads, when combined with our actuation systems make for a lightweight, efficient system for the operation of a locking gas spring. And, by utilizing our standard components, these systems are an affordable option to custom solutions.

Control Accessories

Choose from a wide assortment of control accessories including wire stops, knobs, springs and PTO cable attachment kit.

Actuation Applications

  • Seat Adjustment
  • Choke
  • PTO
  • Throttle
  • Brake
  • Gas Spring Release
  • Lath Release
  • Vent Control
  • Valve
  • Furniture
  • Medical Durable
  • Regulated Valve