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Power Sports

Case Study

Robust Shift Cable Solution for a Power Sports Vehicle Manufacturer

Company Type:

Power Sports Manufacturer


Power Sports


Medina, Minnesota

About the Customer

Our client is a renowned manufacturer in the Power Sports industry, with a product range that includes snowmobiles, UTVs, and motorcycles.

Problem/Customer Need

This off-road vehicle manufacturer faced issues with a shift cable that connects the gear shift handle directly to the transmission. The cable would break under excessive compressive loads, particularly when parking uphill while towing a load. This kind of malfunction has the potential to tarnish a brand’s reputation, but instead, the manufacturer turned it into an opportunity to level up their design.


At Cablecraft, we rely on our proprietary line of control cables that saves development time and costs while improving performance.

To solve this particular problem, we chose our Forcemax control cables, which are specifically designed for high compressive loads. These cables feature:

  • Double-wrapped Armored core wire for compressive loads greater than 200 lbs.
  • Long lay conduit with a full complement of lay wires
  • Tough outer jacket binding materials for an added layer of durability
  • Lifetime lubrication to maintain ease of use under high loads

Moreover, Performax® control cables are designed for application-driven performance, offering benefits like:

  • Patented design for maximum efficiency
  • Industry-leading compressive strength
  • Superior flexibility for difficult routing applications
  • Low backlash for minimum lost motion
  • Maximum corrosion resistance
  • Environmentally robust, standing up to the harshest conditions

Special Considerations

The process of validating the new cable design’s robustness presented unique challenges, particularly in the test setup phase. Traditional testing methods were insufficient to simulate the real-world conditions under which the cables would operate, especially when subjected to high compressive loads. 

Our engineering team had to innovate, devising a specialized testing regimen that more accurately reflected these conditions. Our expertise was crucial in not only overcoming these testing hurdles but also in updating all assembly drawings to align with the new, more robust specifications.

Competitive Advantage

The newly designed Cablecraft shift cables give the client a significant edge over competitors. In the Power Sports vehicle industry, the durability and reliability of components like shift cables can be a major selling point. The previous cables were prone to failure, especially under challenging conditions like towing uphill, making the manual replacement process a frequent and cumbersome necessity. 

Despite the complexities involved in redesigning and testing the new cables, our team maintained a 100% on-time delivery rate.

Our new design dramatically reduced these failures, thereby lowering maintenance costs and downtime for end users. This robustness has the potential to be a game-changer in the market.

Customer Relationship and Delivery

Solving a persistent and challenging issue like this does more than just meet immediate needs; it builds trust and fosters long-term relationships. The client was not only satisfied with the solution but also impressed by our commitment to quality and our ability to deliver on promises. 

Despite the complexities involved in redesigning and testing the new cables, our team maintained a 100% on-time delivery rate. This consistency in delivery timelines further solidified the client’s trust in us, enhancing the overall customer relationship and setting the stage for future collaborations.

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