Engine Controls

Cablecraft Motion Controls has been a leader in mechanical motion controls and engine control cables to the Turbo and EGR industries for the past 20 years. As the Engine and Vehicle industries were challenged with reducing emissions our customers needed help with more precise control of their systems in extreme environments where the separation between electronics and the exhaust gases was needed. Using our proprietary high temp linkage systems, were we able to develop a method to provide bridges in motion control devices to make that input control possible.


Cablecraft offers a wide range of linkage products and assemblies. Linkage products are often used when a direct robust solid connection is needed. Linkages offer minimal lost motion from your input source to the output and can often transmit higher loads safely at comparable sizes.

Rod Ends – Rod ends are the most long lasting options for linkages as they offer more wear surface at the bearing with the options to include long life self-lubricated surfaces such as PFTE liners, Lubricated Nylon, Oil Impregnated Bronze and or many other specialty coatings for extreme environments or temperatures such as the Cablecraft line of proprietary high temp composite materials. In the Engine Control industry while a wide ranges of sizes can be available it is more common to see engine control cables in the smaller range to help reduce weight and the effects of vibrational wear.

Construction vehicle moving rocksLinkage Assemblies – Our Engineering team can help create many custom assemblies that fall outside of what a typical Ball Joint, Rod End or swivel bearing might look like. These engine control cables can help create value for the customer by in most cases creating final Input to Output solid assembly that the user only bolts in place and rest assured that their motion will move smoothly and securely over time without concern. Cablecraft can also secure the attachment components and levers to complete the full motion control assembly. 

Engine Controls Applications

  • Variable Turbine Geometry Position Systems (VGT/VTG)
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (ERG)
  • Wastegate Controls
  • Throttle
  • Supercharger

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