Cablecraft Motion Controls has been a leader in the mechanical motion control market for the Construction and Agriculture industry for over 100 years. As the industry grew through the industrial revolution, we helped by producing linkages and cables that controlled anything from steering, throttle, or transmissions. Over time and technology advancements our products have helped the industry grow to the wider capability you see today. We are ready to help engineer your solutions for many motion control applications.

Motion Control Cables

Motion Control cables are widely used for controlling motion in a non-linear path. The off-road and agricultural cables range from light-duty use, less than 25 load requirements, to heavy-duty use with loads as high as 3,000 lbs. Our engineers will design a motion control cable based on your specific application, whether you require industry leading efficiencies, high compressive strength or flexibility for difficult routing applications.

Pull-Pull Cables – Used for applications when only transmission forces are required, often utilizing a spring to return to the original position after activation.  Our pull-pull cables are used in both low-load applications such as spring return sensor controls to high-load applications like emergency brake controls.

Push-Pull Cables – A cable that transmits movement in both directions constructed with a cable or wire with robust column strength such as a solid wire, a wire rope with a single wire at its center like a 1x7or a reinforced wire rope such as Armored Core.  Cablecraft offers a variety of push-pull conduit designs, allowing us to achieve industry leading minimum bend radiuses which makes routing options as flexible as possible, no matter the load.


The Performax® line of push-pull cable solutions offer application driven performance to optimize any project. Using Cablecraft’s proprietary designs, we have developed a line of cables that will save development time and costs while improving performance. Whether your application demands high compressive strength, maximum efficiency or increased flexibility, the Performax® line of control cables can be engineered to your application requirements.

Safety/Restraint Cables

Safety/Restraint cables, or sometimes referred to as lanyards, are typically static cables used for restraining or stopping a moving object. Cablecraft offers a variety of these cables using either eyelets (diecast or steel) or loops, coiled or non-coiled. We also offer Nylon, Vinyl or TPE coated cable to protect from the environment or for aesthetics.

Construction vehicle pushing dirtCycle-Flex™ Miniature Cables

Cycle-Flex™ by Cablecraft is the recognized leader in miniature mechanical cable technology for its durability and long life in high cycle applications. Its versatility for product applications ranging from motion control to safety/restraint has made it the preferred choice by design engineers where size and durability matter. Cycle-Flex™ is offered in a variety of constructions and in diameters as small .15 mm and can either be coated or uncoated, lubricated or un-lubricated.


Cablecraft offers a wide range of linkage products and assemblies. Linkage products are often used when a direct robust solid connection is needed. Linkages offer minimal lost motion from your input source to the output and can often transmit higher loads safely at comparable sizes.

Rod Ends – Rod ends are the most long-lasting options for linkages as they offer more wear surface at the bearing with the options to include long-life self-lubricated surfaces such as PFTE liners, Lubricated Nylon, Oil Impregnated Bronze and or many other specialty coatings for extreme environments or temperatures such as Cablecraft line of proprietary high temp composite materials. All our products come in a wide range of sizes based on industry-standard DIN and SAE standards ranging typically from 5mm thru 16mm or 10-32 thru ¾.

Ball Joints – Ball Joints are great options for reliable motion control linkages with lower load requirements. They can be economically customized as solid point-to-point double-bearing joints or standalone linkages that can be fastened to the end of connecting rods, cylinders and or even push-pull cables.

Linkage Assemblies – Our Engineering team can help create many custom assemblies that fall outside of what a typical Ball Joint, Rod End or swivel bearing might look like. These linkages can help create value for the customer by in most cases creating final Input to Output solid assembly that the user only has to bolt in place and rest assured that their motion will move smoothly and securely over time without concern.

Actuation Products

Cablecraft offers the widest selection of products available for a multitude of actuation requirements. Utilizing our light duty pull-pull cables, often paired with our release mechanisms, these systems offer lightweight, reliable and cost-effective solutions for remote actuation of latches, release and locking gas springs.


  • Shift
  • Clutch
  • Brake
  • Throttle
  • Steering
  • Sensor Linkages
  • Boom Controls
  • Door Release
  • Gas Spring Release
  • Remote Attachment Control
  • Engine Controls

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