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Specialty Manufacturing


Specialty Manufacturing

Cablecraft has a wide range of specialty manufacturing capabilities, both in-house and across our global network of suppliers. Leveraging our own in-house design and manufacturing engineering team, we can help you solve your most challenging part supply needs.

With our proprietary SMART cart system, we can manage, assemble and functional test an incredibly diverse array of component types. With this system, which utilizes a combination of in-house designed and fabricated tabletop-sized fixtures married to PC-based testing software, we can set up and break down a line in minutes. 

This system allows us to make maximum use of our production space since we do not take up permanent floor space with large, specialized manufacturing equipment. Our methodology allows us to manage low-volume, high-mix programs both efficiently and cost-effectively.

Leveraging a Diverse Supply Chain for Custom Needs

We also have access to a highly skilled and diverse supply chain which we can leverage for a wide array of needs. Our relationships with many of our suppliers go back over decades and reflect the trust and competence that can only be developed over a longer period. This supply chain, combined with our design engineers allows us to develop custom solutions for many different companies both large and small. We have designed and sourced a wide array of products including:

  • Sub-components for Gauge and Instrumentation Manufacturing
  • Vehicular HVAC Control Heads
  • Fuel Module Components
  • Driver Interface Switches and Controls
  • Restoration of automotive gauges, fan clutches and antennas
  • Automotive lighting components

We have been highly successful in utilizing a combination of both offshore and domestic-sourced components that are then assembled into a final product in our own facility.

Engineering Resources & Design Guides

Our engineering team has applied their years of industry experience to develop resource documentation for each of our product lines.

Cable Assembly Network

Our Worldwide Cable Assembler Network can help you with your mechanical motion control solutions.

Online Catalog

Don’t need a custom design? Download our digital catalog to see all of our available cable and linkage assemblies.