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Constructional and Elastic Stretch: Do They Alter Your Cable Design?


Understanding Constructional and Elastic Stretch and the Inherent Stretching Nature of Wire Rope Under Tension

It is critical to understand the behavior of wire rope under tension and how it stretches to determine if it is a concern in different applications. Wire rope exhibits two primary types of stretch: constructional and elastic. Constructional stretch arises from the unique configuration of strands and wires within the rope, causing it to elongate as tension is applied. The degree of constructional stretch depends on multiple factors, such as the lay length, rope construction, diameter and cable bends. Conversely, elastic stretch refers to the physical elongation of the wire material itself under load, with its magnitude directly proportional to the applied force. 

This white paper offers a deeper understanding of the constructional and electric stretch on wire rope, calculations, and areas of concerts, and considerations that can be made.