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Pull-Pull Cables

Pull-Pull Throttle Cable Distributor

Flexible stranded steel cable is used in applications that require the transmission of forces in tension only. Conduit can be added to the design, allowing for greater freedom in routing and allowing for smaller bend radii in some installations. Many installations feature an integral return spring to keep a specified load on the cable and to return the cable or mechanism to its original position after activation. Our pull-pull control cables permit the use of most standard fittings allowing for a very wide range of mounting and retaining options.

Pull-Pull Cable Controls

Cablecraft’s pull-pull cable assemblies can be combined with our controls offering either a standard or customized solution depending on your application requirements. Consideration and definition of potential system variables, such as load and routing requirements, friction, stretch, set, effects of bends on length (lost motion), temperature, environment, and exposure to contaminants will aid in the design of an acceptable control cable. Recognition of these factors, combined with a practical design for the application, will result in a successful, reliable and cost-effective assembly.

From our founding, Cablecraft has been designing and manufacturing pull-pull cables and controls for many of the world’s largest OEM’s.  They have come to rely on our knowledge and expertise to design a quality pull-pull solution to withstand the rigors of daily use in, oftentimes, harsh environments.  Let our experts design a pull-pull solution for your unique requirements or use our design information below to get started.

Arctic Cat Pull-Pull
Light Duty Pull-Pull
Medium Duty Pull-Pull
Pull-Pull Only Cable PO Brake


Using Cablecraft ‘s vast array of standard cable fittings in your design will simplify the design process saving you time to market and minimizing the development costs. We offer zinc die-cast as well as plated carbon steel and stainless steel fittings which meet most design and environmental specifications. Our Engineering team will also design the correct custom cable fittings to meet any unique or proprietary design requirements.

The use of these components, combined with cable specifications and technical information provided in our Design Guide, gives the designer flexibility in solving many unique functional problems.


Every control cable application has unique requirements. Cablecraft offers a full line of conduit choices to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s flexible routing with good compressive strength or a more rigid application with good crush resistance, Cablecraft has the right conduit for you. Our conduits include Braided, Round Wire and Flat Wire Bowden, Long Lay and reinforced Long Lay. Optional liner materials are also offered to meet your application requirements.

Cablecraft offers both shuttle-molded and steel conduit fittings which can be combined with our standard controls and actuators to create a reliable and cost-effective push-pull cable assembly.


Prototypes are available and are an invaluable way to finalize the dimensional and tolerance requirements of any assembly. Life cycle and durability testing can also be conducted on prototypes, prior to production. Contact us to request a prototype.


You can get started by using our design considerations or you can request download our Motion Control Design Guide to help analyze, define, design and specify the most appropriate pull-pull cable assembly for your specific application. The Design Guide contains useful information and technical data necessary to develop a functional and effective pull only cable assembly. Cablecraft’s Sales and Engineering departments welcome your inquiries and can assist you with your motion control cable design project.

Design Considerations:

  1. Using an integral return spring in the actuating mechanisms allows the use of a pull pull only cable assembly.
  2. In general, a more flexible conduit and cable construction will allow for tighter routings and smaller bend radii.
  3. Because of the frictional forces between the cable and the conduit, a smooth cable construction such as 1×19 is most beneficial.
  4. Depending upon load consideration cable stretch, both constructional and elastic, could be a factor. Constructional stretch can be removed; elastic stretch can be calculated.
  5. Remember that the amount of cable travel will be dependent upon the total number of bends in the system as well as the difference between cable outside diameter and conduit inside diameter. This is known as lost motion in the cable assembly.
  6. Cablecraft has a large number of zinc die-casted and steel swaged cable end-fittings and steel or molded conduit end-fittings to simplify your design. Custom cable and conduit end-fittings can also be considered.
  7. The alignment of the cable as it exits the conduit to the final attachment point must be as straight as possible.


  • Seat Adjustment
  • Latch
  • Gas Spring Release
  • Head Restraint
  • Hood Release
  • Fuel Door
  • Cowling
  • Overhead Bins
  • Luggage Door
  • Table Height
  • Pedestal Height